Summer 2017

Dear Muslims

Allah says in the Quran if a sinful person comes to you with news. Verify it.

The media told us Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Don’t take the media’s word for it.

Demand solid evidence of Muslim involvement in any terrorism. 9/11 evidence was withheld because it was classified!

How can bombs destroy people and buildings but typically their passports are intact and discovered at the scene? what do they make these passports from? maybe they should make the buildings with this material?

Furthermore asking a Muslim to condemn terrorism makes the questioner a bigot.

Do they think we support killing innocent people as a default position that they actually need to ask us?

Asking a Muslim to condemn terrorism is Islamophobic.

Furthermore a simple Google search reveals millions and billions of condemnations by Muslims on terrorism.

However the Muslim hating media doesn’t show this.
Instead they act like they don’t know and need an answer.


Additionally, a Muslim should simply reply to any questions on terrorism with…

I don’t own the terrorists so why you asking me?


What’s more, I have never attended a mosque where radical violent Islam is preached!

The only two places I come across radical violent interpretations of the Quran are from

1. Misinterpretation by Islamophobes – they shud b arrested for radicalising people.

2. Media publicising misinterpretation of Quran verses used by radical violent Islam.

So Islamophobes and media spread violent misinterpretations of the Quran.

The tafsir recorded how the Prophet peace be upon Him and His companions interpreted the Quran, tafsir also known as Exegesis in English.


Ps the intelligence service operate in such ‘ethical’ terms that its a ‘surprise’ Muslims don’t trust them and thus refuse to work for them.


One last thing.

Don’t accept the line. Muslims are not doing enough.

It is the job of the intelligence service to work out who are violent terrorist.

The ordinary Muhammad and Ahmad on the street is busy running a house. Family. Kids. Job. Bills. Etc. In other words keeping Britain on it’s two feet.


Now check the news there’s been a terror attack in Barcelona. But… No mention of terrorism of white racist supremacist in USA Charlotte’s ville


Lastly, any evil in society should be tackled by the ROOT CAUSE.

Don’t listen to fools like Tommy Robinson!

Academics in leading universities in the world have stated some of the root causes of radicalism are

1. Racism and discrimination of Muslims in the home countries they were born in.

2. Grave injustices against Muslims eg Palestine burma Iraq Bosnia

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