Atheist: Universe by accident?

The universe follows the laws of Physics.

Laws are created by a law giver.

The universe follows laws; Atheist don’t follow laws i.e. disobey God’s laws and live life how they want.

However, nature follows laws, why doesn’t nature become atheist, for example, cows don’t eat meat they only eat greenery. When cows were deceived and fed tiny pieces of meat in grass these cows got mad cow disease.

Do atheist have mental cow disease?

Some birds migrate annually, why don’t they go to a different region somewhere else? why don’t they migrate to another part of the world?

Animals follow natural cycles. Why don’t animals rebel? try something new?

Humans have free will. Everything in the universe follows laws including nature, God has revealed the final revelation for laws mankind to follow willingly.

Did the universe come by accident?

If you believe sophisticated complex things can come by chance why don’t you throw paint at a wall for your school art homework and by accident you will produce a Mona Lisa master piece?

Why didn’t you type on a keyboard and accidentally produce a piece of Shakespeare for your English essay?

Why don’t you cross the road messaging on the phone? There is a chance the cars will drive past and miss you.

Why don’t you take the train in a foreign country without using a map?

The reason you will not is because you have made a comparison between the least probable vs most probable.

It’s less likely you will be hit by a car if you look right and left as opposed to looking at your phone screen.
Less likely you won’t get hit by a car if you don’t look at your phone when crossing the road.

So. When you say the universe came by accident, the probability is 1 in X or 0.000…0001 etc

If the probability of producing a Mona Lisa by accident is so small, if the probability of monkeys typing the complete works of Shakespeare by accident is so small, if the probability of the universe being fine tuned by accident is so small…

It’s more likely the universe came by Divine creation, it’s more likely you will burn in Hell if you reject God.

Saying the Universe came by accident is a weak argument. If the universe came by accident, e.g. 1 in billion aka 0.000001 likelihood, what’s the 99.9% that’s more likely?

I pray (Salah) because I believe and I’m convinced the Quran is from the Divine.

You claim you believe universe came by chance but you don’t act upon it. E.g. you don’t type random keys on the keyboard to produce your email messages, even though there is a tiny probability you can write an eloquent piece by accident.

Therefore what is your real reason for denial of the Divine?

Why are you looking for excuses to reject God?


2 thoughts on “Atheist: Universe by accident?”

  1. ‘The Religion of Atheists’

    The religion of us atheists is science. We atheist scientist have a god too. Our god is our intellect which gathers information from senses. God is to whom we submit. We have submitted completely to our intellect. But our intellect and senses have a lot of problems. Our senses are limited and we see hear taste etc in small spectrum. And our mind can only think of things that come within this spectrum. But we have increased our spectrum a little bit by making tools. So those tools bring knowledge to our senses. Anything above our tools the spectrum of sense it is difficult for us to think. Also we can’t think about everything so we have a made a community of people who think intellect as their god and so we don’t have one god. We have many gods. We can’t do observations of each and every thing so we trust,believe and follow other people who have taken intellect as their god too. Some of us find supernatural forces but can’t define them. Some of us are taking them us god.

    But even all of us collectively are having a great problem. The first question we don’t understand that why and how we came in this world. Our best result is the theory of evolution but even our god science can’t say it is a fact so we call it a theory. To be honest we don’t know how we ended up here so most of us are in confusion but we are searching. We are very confused. We have reached to a conclusion by sending out the Hubble telescope and other tools and observed that the universe started from a big bang but we don’t understand where the matter for big bang came from initially. At this place our mind stops. We think about it but our mind jams here. We can’t understand how from nothing something could come into existence. We think very hard but our thoughts just fail here. Furthermore we can’t understand how after a super blast the perfection of things in this universe came place. Blast should cause destruction. How could we such complicated beings come into existence. The best we can say it took billions and millions of years and billions and zillions or maybe infinite mistakes. So we are maybe a product of infinite mistakes. This is the best our logic tells us and this is pretty illogical to our intellect too. So we resort to the fact we don’t know about it yet. But we are digging and finding our beliefs buried in the earth bed. Our belief changes with digging changes. Even our head atheist prophet can’t tell us anything about it. He is more staunch on the fact we don’t know anything. So a lot of us are becoming agnostic.

    To us the life is this world only. So we will die which is pretty depressive but let us just not think about that individually. But we know our death will be good for the natural circle when thinking as a whole for this world. Like we ate living things now it’s their turn to eat us. Any meat or vegetation that is good for our health is good. So we eat Cows, horses, snakes ,scorpions etc. Anything that is good for our health. We even think that it is correct to eat human flesh. Logically they provide more proteins and have those nutrients that our body needs directly. But we can say such things. But it is logical. Of course we need more power for that to happen in the future.

    We are having a problem to prove anything right or wrong. Actually there is nothing right or wrong according to us. Everything is natural in the natural cycle. We have no way to prove stealing , raping , murdering as a bad act. We consider it to be human urges at times. We have learned from our brother animals that the strongest survive but since we have intellect we have created weapons of mass destruction for our protection.

    We social animals like other animals it is natural have ofcourse mothers that take care of own children but other may come and take them away if they are stronger. But our mother will only take care of her children only generally and will harm other children too under the golden rule the strongest survives.

    We think as social animals clothes are not necessary generally. Yes we understand to protect from heat or cold else-wise generally our brother animals are living the life.It is also illogical to spend so much effort on clothes. Our bodies will adapt themselves in climates and we can take shelter in best ways. Plus without clothes we will be able to choose better mates. We like what is good to the eye. Healthy people are generally better looking and will produce better children. We don’t give heed to ugly people subconsciously.

    It is natural to build homes. But we have intellect to build better homes. We have factors such as security aesthetic sense (due to intellect) comfort etc. But some of us are homeless dying hungry. It is illogical to give away our own resources to someone. We don’t think about them because it isn’t good for our health. This is just a part of the natural circle. They didn’t do effort. If they are sick or something else this is the natural cycle. Don’t feel bad for them we too will die. If you start supporting them they are endless such people so don’t help them at all, this is logical. To give charity is illogical.

    We don’t think much about death because it is super depressive. Therefore we keep ourselves busy in this world. This world according to us currently is our only chance. So we do best to make our 60 70 years the best. We enjoy the best we can but we can’t understand why some of us commit suicides even though they have the best of everything.

    We don’t need a family system. It is difficult logically so our notion in the long term will be to do intimacy wherever and whenever possible. There are no moral relationships as sister mother etc. and it is more logical to have intimate relations with the close ones. Logically and intellectually this is feasible and what wrong do we find in it? So our understanding makes this possible.

    Our women are free now to have relationship with anyone but the strong overpower them everywhere. We have found the way to slave unlimited women by securing resources with our power and making them dependent on us for them. It is super easy for the powerful to take women and discard them whenever they are not useful for us. Just use em and rest do whatever you want to do with them because the basic golden rule is the stronger wins. But we are not currently able to do that because other religions have social morals and we can’t find the society currently to be such free.

    Our Trade takes place between equal powerful parties. If one is stronger than other they will naturally steal. Fights are natural. Dont you see animals everywhere fighting for territories and resources. We say this isn’t wrong logically or scientifically since this is our religion. This is the natural cycle. There is nothing right or wrong.

    The things that are natural to man are anger , hatred , harming others that they don’t like, arrogance , self love , showing off , eating delicious food , sleeping a lot, have intimacy a lot with whoever snatching resources. We atheist think these feelings are necessary for natural survival. The one who will have more of this will probably will live more better in this only worldly life.

    Our slogan is live the life. We don’t know where we came from and we don’t know where we will go.


    My Friend Allah is your Creator , your God and Quran is His word and Muhammad is his Messenger (pbuh). Each and every individual person can ask Allah for guidance and he will be guided unless he is like satan who knows the truth but the obnoxious is in fight with Allah.

    The difference between us and animals is that animals have life but not a soul for sin and virtue. There are no pious or sinning animals. There are things between us and them common but we have been given intellect and soul and revelation from our creator for how to live a good life. That is why ( capacity of sin or virtue) we will be accounted for our actions because we have a small decision power. From it we do dua and effort and pray O Allah turn the heart towards right make our action good. If one does good actions Allah gives good conditions. Conditions of peace,Ghina,fearlessness,free from worries.

    The perfection in this universe is not logical to be by billions of mistakes but it utmost logical these are signs a trail that leads to a Creator who made it and is controlling it. He didn’t leave us alone. He sent a vast group of pure prophets from the beginning of time telling to do what is good and avoid what is bad. Allah is above our limited senes but we have the tool to recognize him on our soul by doing good deeds. This is the marafat and recognition of Allah. If you are somewhat connected to Allah or know people connected to him you will get indication from him in your dreams. If you become more spiritually clean you will see the hidden realm like Mary saw angels on shoulders of people writing good deeds. Anyways if not that (because some think that everything is hallucinations since the only experience they have had is of drugs) even logically the word of God-Quran is a great miracle. You will die and return to your lord. Your lord is the most wise and their is wisdom in all His commands. you can’t put an ocean in a glass then how can you understand the unlimited wisdom of Allah in your limited senses and limited intellect. Science couldn’t even prove jinns (couldn’t prove creation) till now forget proving (the Creator) Allah through it because it so limited but you are so much stupidly impressed by it that you have made it your reference point. You have not understood its limits it changing nature. Islam doesn’t stop’ science but science isn’t a religion.


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