اللهم انت العليم الحكيم
سبحانك، انت تعلم و لا علم لنا الا ما علمتنا
انت مع الصابرين

Be like Moses peace be upon Him
When he was sandwiched between the sea and the army of Pharoah.
The Bani Israel complained Moses had ruined them.
Musa said “Nay! With me is my Lord, He will guide me aright!”

We all know what was the final outcome for Moses and Pharaoh.

The point I’m trying to make is. Moses could’ve lost faith. He didn’t. He didn’t know what was God’s plan. But he trusted in Him. Despite not knowing.

Belief in *existence* of God is NOT based on blind faith. But *why* God did something in our lives like causing pain *may* require blind faith in His plan. Until we meet Him and find out why. Blind faith that He did it for the absolute best every single time. Yes every single time for the best. Trust in God and His plan.

Allah is العليم الحكيم
The all knowing the all wise creator

We only know what he teaches us

Maybe to keep humans humble he didn’t reveal in the Quran why God created pain?

Maybe? Or maybe not.

The toddler may think the doctor is evil for injecting him with a vaccine.

The same person insists on a vaccine before going on holiday as an adult.

Does the toddler have the ability to understand the reasoning behind the vaccine. Or that the doctor is doing it for the best even tho he doesn’t understand why or how?

Furthermore! Can the toddler not understand why yet Forgive the doctor?

Do we have a grudge against God? Do we need to forgive God to enter heaven or find peace love and happiness rather than oppress and do injustice to our ownselves?

Believe in God’s plan even if you don’t know why. Trust in His plan even if that means blind faith in His plan. Dont be upset with God. Don’t have a grudge against Him. Rather find gratitude in His plan for you. Be pleased knowing He is doing it for the best and be happy with His plan.

Possible benefits of pain?


Person A upsets you. Person A feels sincere remorse and regret. They ask you to forgive them. You feel something stir in you by their meek request. U turn to them in mercy and forgiveness.

Person A is grateful to you for your forgiveness, ability to see their good qualities. And for giving them another chance. Person A resolves never to do something like that again to you or anybody else.

Furthermore! U and person A may develop a stronger bond due to the painful experience. Creating more love and friendship between u both as a result.

Like when a bone breaks clean. The point of union where it heals is stronger than the original.

Next time u experience (emotional) pain try to be like Moses
Trust in His plan even if it don’t make sense. Even if it means blind faith. Trust in God. We dont know why. He knows. We don’t. We may understand later in life or in the next life. Be grateful and happy that it wasn’t worse but for the best. try. It’s hard. But we’ll get there in sha Allah.

God has a beautiful plan for you.

Remember me in your prayers.

Good night.

PS to experience the wisdom behind pain may depend on *how* we respond to pain.

We can hold a grudge and not forgive. But then “the bone will never heal?”

Maybe the pain is meant to cement us with our remorseful friends? Maybe pain is meant to Cement our relationship with God by praying to Him for succour?

The greatest pleasure and simultaneous peace is in connecting to God.

If you made it this far! Thank you for reading my post, I hope it wasn’t a time waste! I hope u find benefit/(some strength over pain) in my post and pleasure/peace in your journey towards your Lord.


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