Violent Muslim Extremist (terrorist)

Muslims are not doing enough to combat terrorism?

Stop censoring and banning scholars who teach real Islam like Shaykh Haitham Al Haddad, stop banning them from going to university to give lectures. When this happens people seek knowledge else where such as the Internet and get the wrong knowledge.

Instead the media legitimises radical views by giving a platform to people like Anjem Choudhury which then radicalises Muslims as well as non Muslims.

Atheist: Universe by accident?

The universe follows the laws of Physics.

Laws are created by a law giver.

The universe follows laws; Atheist don’t follow laws i.e. disobey God’s laws and live life how they want.

However, nature follows laws, why doesn’t nature become atheist, for example, cows don’t eat meat they only eat greenery. When cows were deceived and fed tiny pieces of meat in grass these cows got mad cow disease.

Do atheist have mental cow disease?

Some birds migrate annually, why don’t they go to a different region somewhere else? why don’t they migrate to another part of the world?

Animals follow natural cycles. Why don’t animals rebel? try something new?

Humans have free will. Everything in the universe follows laws including nature, God has revealed the final revelation for laws mankind to follow willingly.

Did the universe come by accident?

If you believe sophisticated complex things can come by chance why don’t you throw paint at a wall for your school art homework and by accident you will produce a Mona Lisa master piece?

Why didn’t you type on a keyboard and accidentally produce a piece of Shakespeare for your English essay?

Why don’t you cross the road messaging on the phone? There is a chance the cars will drive past and miss you.

Why don’t you take the train in a foreign country without using a map?

The reason you will not is because you have made a comparison between the least probable vs most probable.

It’s less likely you will be hit by a car if you look right and left as opposed to looking at your phone screen.
Less likely you won’t get hit by a car if you don’t look at your phone when crossing the road.

So. When you say the universe came by accident, the probability is 1 in X or 0.000…0001 etc

If the probability of producing a Mona Lisa by accident is so small, if the probability of monkeys typing the complete works of Shakespeare by accident is so small, if the probability of the universe being fine tuned by accident is so small…

It’s more likely the universe came by Divine creation, it’s more likely you will burn in Hell if you reject God.

Saying the Universe came by accident is a weak argument. If the universe came by accident, e.g. 1 in billion aka 0.000001 likelihood, what’s the 99.9% that’s more likely?

I pray (Salah) because I believe and I’m convinced the Quran is from the Divine.

You claim you believe universe came by chance but you don’t act upon it. E.g. you don’t type random keys on the keyboard to produce your email messages, even though there is a tiny probability you can write an eloquent piece by accident.

Therefore what is your real reason for denial of the Divine?

Why are you looking for excuses to reject God?



Summer 2017

Dear Muslims

Allah says in the Quran if a sinful person comes to you with news. Verify it.

The media told us Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

Don’t take the media’s word for it.

Demand solid evidence of Muslim involvement in any terrorism. 9/11 evidence was withheld because it was classified!

How can bombs destroy people and buildings but typically their passports are intact and discovered at the scene? what do they make these passports from? maybe they should make the buildings with this material?

Furthermore asking a Muslim to condemn terrorism makes the questioner a bigot.

Do they think we support killing innocent people as a default position that they actually need to ask us?

Asking a Muslim to condemn terrorism is Islamophobic.

Furthermore a simple Google search reveals millions and billions of condemnations by Muslims on terrorism.

However the Muslim hating media doesn’t show this.
Instead they act like they don’t know and need an answer.


Additionally, a Muslim should simply reply to any questions on terrorism with…

I don’t own the terrorists so why you asking me?


What’s more, I have never attended a mosque where radical violent Islam is preached!

The only two places I come across radical violent interpretations of the Quran are from

1. Misinterpretation by Islamophobes – they shud b arrested for radicalising people.

2. Media publicising misinterpretation of Quran verses used by radical violent Islam.

So Islamophobes and media spread violent misinterpretations of the Quran.

The tafsir recorded how the Prophet peace be upon Him and His companions interpreted the Quran, tafsir also known as Exegesis in English.


Ps the intelligence service operate in such ‘ethical’ terms that its a ‘surprise’ Muslims don’t trust them and thus refuse to work for them.


One last thing.

Don’t accept the line. Muslims are not doing enough.

It is the job of the intelligence service to work out who are violent terrorist.

The ordinary Muhammad and Ahmad on the street is busy running a house. Family. Kids. Job. Bills. Etc. In other words keeping Britain on it’s two feet.


Now check the news there’s been a terror attack in Barcelona. But… No mention of terrorism of white racist supremacist in USA Charlotte’s ville


Lastly, any evil in society should be tackled by the ROOT CAUSE.

Don’t listen to fools like Tommy Robinson!

Academics in leading universities in the world have stated some of the root causes of radicalism are

1. Racism and discrimination of Muslims in the home countries they were born in.

2. Grave injustices against Muslims eg Palestine burma Iraq Bosnia



اللهم انت العليم الحكيم
سبحانك، انت تعلم و لا علم لنا الا ما علمتنا
انت مع الصابرين

Be like Moses peace be upon Him
When he was sandwiched between the sea and the army of Pharoah.
The Bani Israel complained Moses had ruined them.
Musa said “Nay! With me is my Lord, He will guide me aright!”

We all know what was the final outcome for Moses and Pharaoh.

The point I’m trying to make is. Moses could’ve lost faith. He didn’t. He didn’t know what was God’s plan. But he trusted in Him. Despite not knowing.

Belief in *existence* of God is NOT based on blind faith. But *why* God did something in our lives like causing pain *may* require blind faith in His plan. Until we meet Him and find out why. Blind faith that He did it for the absolute best every single time. Yes every single time for the best. Trust in God and His plan.

Allah is العليم الحكيم
The all knowing the all wise creator

We only know what he teaches us

Maybe to keep humans humble he didn’t reveal in the Quran why God created pain?

Maybe? Or maybe not.

The toddler may think the doctor is evil for injecting him with a vaccine.

The same person insists on a vaccine before going on holiday as an adult.

Does the toddler have the ability to understand the reasoning behind the vaccine. Or that the doctor is doing it for the best even tho he doesn’t understand why or how?

Furthermore! Can the toddler not understand why yet Forgive the doctor?

Do we have a grudge against God? Do we need to forgive God to enter heaven or find peace love and happiness rather than oppress and do injustice to our ownselves?

Believe in God’s plan even if you don’t know why. Trust in His plan even if that means blind faith in His plan. Dont be upset with God. Don’t have a grudge against Him. Rather find gratitude in His plan for you. Be pleased knowing He is doing it for the best and be happy with His plan.

Possible benefits of pain?


Person A upsets you. Person A feels sincere remorse and regret. They ask you to forgive them. You feel something stir in you by their meek request. U turn to them in mercy and forgiveness.

Person A is grateful to you for your forgiveness, ability to see their good qualities. And for giving them another chance. Person A resolves never to do something like that again to you or anybody else.

Furthermore! U and person A may develop a stronger bond due to the painful experience. Creating more love and friendship between u both as a result.

Like when a bone breaks clean. The point of union where it heals is stronger than the original.

Next time u experience (emotional) pain try to be like Moses
Trust in His plan even if it don’t make sense. Even if it means blind faith. Trust in God. We dont know why. He knows. We don’t. We may understand later in life or in the next life. Be grateful and happy that it wasn’t worse but for the best. try. It’s hard. But we’ll get there in sha Allah.

God has a beautiful plan for you.

Remember me in your prayers.

Good night.

PS to experience the wisdom behind pain may depend on *how* we respond to pain.

We can hold a grudge and not forgive. But then “the bone will never heal?”

Maybe the pain is meant to cement us with our remorseful friends? Maybe pain is meant to Cement our relationship with God by praying to Him for succour?

The greatest pleasure and simultaneous peace is in connecting to God.

If you made it this far! Thank you for reading my post, I hope it wasn’t a time waste! I hope u find benefit/(some strength over pain) in my post and pleasure/peace in your journey towards your Lord.


Nasiha on January 07th 1am

Alhamdulilahi rabbil alamin
Was salatu was salamu ala rasoolil kareem
Indeed all praise is due to Allah and we send peace and salutations to His last and final messenger
Every day we are one day closer to meeting Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala
If you look forward to meeting Allah then Allah will look forward to meeting you. Work hard, repent and be hopeful whilst having a balance of hope and fear.
I wonder how it will be like in Jannat, after spending tens of thousands of years there. The dunya will be a passing moment. I bet we would wish we could go back to the dunya and sacrifice all our energy and resources to please Allah.
The dunya comes from an Arabic word, with the root being “lowly”.
So why do we give so much importance to the dunya? For sure, knowledge is transmitted from heart to heart, so if the one giving you knowledge is not practising what they preach then the info you receive from them will not be as powerful.
May Allah give us tawfeeq to give the dunya the time and energy it deserves compared to the akhira.
Assalamu alaikum.
Khalid. 070118 1am


Human suffering is immensely disturbing.

My friend, You are most definitely going to die,

I mean it!

Do we eat and sleep?

Love and cry?

Here today, gone tomorrow?

If we were never born,

How many lives will that affect?

The goal is to feed the hungry,

Not ourselves only,

To clothe the naked,

Not our backs alone,

To take care of him who cannot take care of himself.

To right your wrongs,

To establish harmony,

With your own self, God and the human family. 

Mohammed Khaledur Rahman 2am 271217